LPCA Gurgaon Top Results Session 2015-16

Anmol Chaudhrianmol-results16-lpca
Shri Ram School
Scored 99 in Accounts

I need only four words to describe the last two years- Educational , Fun, and Just Awesome. Thank you Rajesh Sir for supporting me through the two years and getting me 99% in Accounts could not have done it without you. And to those looking for tuition classes….. Look no further.


DAV Public School
Scored 98 in Accounts and 99 in Economics

My two years in LPCA – Gurgaon have been amazing. Rajesh sir is an extremely energetic and approachable teacher. Infact, I could call him at odd hours for doubts and not even once did he hesitate to help me out. It’s only because of him that I managed to score 99 in economics and 98 in accountancy, both of the two subjects which I dreaded of in the beginning.

In the end, I cannot thank him enough for being my third parent and taking pains so that the concepts could get inside my head.


yashvardhan-results16-lpcaYashvardhan Jhaveri
Shriram Aravali
Scored 97

Rajesh Khanna Sir is very good at teaching and knows exactly what the board wants.


Amity 46
Scored 95 in Accounts and 98 in Economics


Scored 95 in Accounts and 98 in Economics


Ashrit Sethi
Scored 95 in Accounts and 96 in Economics

Rajesh Sir is by far the best teacher I’ve had. His way of teaching is very different from others. Sir makes everything so simple and easy to remember. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance and support.

muskan-bhasin-results16-lpcaMuskan Bhasin
DPS Dwarka
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

Rajesh sir is undoubtedly one of the best teachers I have come across in my life to whom I completely owe my performance in the boards. He has his own unique way of making student understand all the important techniques and concepts. Along with extraordinary knowledge of the subject, Rajesh sir also guides us how to attempt the paper in order to attain maximum marks in our exams. He has his own shortcuts to remember certain difficult concepts which not only makes easier to learn but at the same time saves a lot of time. The best and actually unforgettable memory include “repeat class work” and if that not done, we have a “special punishment room”. At  LPCA we aren’t taught to only score a 95 or a 100 in our boards but to understand and develop concept! He’s the best tutor, mentor, advisor, counsellor, guide and of course our “best friend”.
Thank you sir, it’s all because of your efforts and undoubted faith in me :’)

akanksha-results16-lpcaAkanksha Makkad
GD Goenka
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

I joined Rajesh sir’s class after trying a lot of other tuition centres and that was definitely the best decision I’ve made. The only thing is to be consistent and be there for the classes on time. Although his tests are quite difficult, they give a better understanding of the whole concept and make it more clear. I’ve got a 95 in both economics and accountancy and all credits go to him.

muskan-karwani-results16-lpcaMuskan Karwani
DAV Public School
Scored 95 in Accounts and 93 in Economics

I have bee a student of LPCA since 11th grade, and truly believe that there could not have been a better teacher than sir. He made concepts of accounts and economics so easy to understand that they will stay with me life-long. Test series was especially instrumental in improving my way attempting the paper, and helped me loads during the board exams. Aspects like finishing the syllabus well before time, give two sometimes three revisions to all concepts and regular homework, very importantly helped me through class 12. I truly thank sir for the success. 🙂

samarth-gulati-results16-lpcaSamarth Gulati
Scored 95 in Accounts

Rajesh sir is probably the best teacher who has ever taught me and this is truly the best compliment I can give him. Having studied accountancy for 2 years under him, I can say that he personally makes me love the subject and helps me to easily grasp the concepts(Which is certainly most important aspect in Acc). Furthermore, his engrossing teaching style and “Short-Cut Methods” really help us students to achieve a high score in the subject. Lastly, the class recording system is truly impressive as it helps the students to go through a particular concept again if he/she doesn’t remember or did not understand it in the first go.
Hence I believe Rajesh sir is a very skillful teacher and person.

mrinalini-godara-results16-lpcaMrinalini Godara
Scored 95 in Accounts

I entered the stream as a novice with zero knowledge on what it even includes. For me Commerce was a get away from Humanities and Science, however the the previous two years it became so much more than that. Rajesh Sir has played a major role in this journey and I mean it from the bottom of my heart that I would not have survived let alone score a 95 without his constant guidance and support. His style of teaching made Accountancy not a compulsion but a choice I would take if I had to do it all again.
Thank You so much Sir for everything

pramit-ganguly-results16-lpcaPramit Ganguly
Scottish High International School
Scored 95 in Accounts

‘The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the books’, this saying is absolutely true for Rajesh sir. Sir has the unique ability to make the daunting task of studying accounts a fun prospect for us.
I joined LPCA right from the beginning of 11th class and continued throughout 12th till the ISC board exams. Due to Rajesh sir’s guidance and support, i was able to do well in accounts in school as well as the board exams.
Sir has an excellent way of teaching, which ensures thorough conceptual clarity and the challenging tests given by sir help us grasp the concepts even better. Despite being a strict teacher who demands high standards of performance from his students, his classes are extremely fun and the pace of teaching is perfect. Sir is also very approachable and always willing to help or clarify any doubts which students may have.

It has been a great experience to study under Rajesh sir. I owe my success to him.
Thank you so much sir!!

Scored 95 in Economics

I can say this without doubt that Rajesh Sir is the most understanding and knowledgeable teacher anyone can ask for. I’m glad I joined LPCA in class 12th. Sir’s way of teaching is absolutely amazing and I really wouldn’t have scored 95 if I didn’t have a teacher like him. He made the subject look so easy and interesting and my entire experience at LPCA was a memorable one.

advaith-results16-lpcaAdvaith Arun
Scored 94 in Accounts

Learning with Rajesh sir over the past two years has been a very unique experience. I’ve never encountered another teacher who invests so much time and effort into every individual student. Sir uses a very innovative and entertaining teaching technique that helped me understand concepts better and remember them for longer. He also gave me special attention whenever i needed extra help. Two years ago, achieving good grades in accounts was only a dream, but thanks to Sir, it’s a dream  that came true!

Scored 94 in Accounts and 94 in Economics

Bhatnagar International
Scored 95 in Accounts and 92 in Economics

Sir, Thank you for being my constant support, in studies and my life also. I got 95 in accounts and 92 in economics and it is because of the way you have always motivated me. Your PJ’s have always been an entertaining factor in the class. Accounts and Economics became easier for me because of the way you taught me. You’re one teacher who has always taken so many pains for teaching us. Thank you sir, for always making me work hard, for scolding me and making me do my homework, for clearing my silly doubts, and scolding me whenever i missed classes.
Without your help, it wouldn’t be possible.
Thank you :).

kanika-results16-lpcaKanika Ahuja
Scored 95 in Accounts

I had joined LPCA two months before my board exams especially for the Accountancy test series.The test papers made by Sir were on the same lines like the real exam . After solving all the test papers made by sir , I didn’t face any problem while solving the board paper. Sir ensures that each and every concept is crystal clear to everyone. I could score 95 only because of him.
Thank you sir!!

DPS 45
Scored 95 in Accounts

DPS 45
Scored 91 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

Lotus Valley
Scored 95 in Accounts

no-image--results16-lpcaArchita Ahlawat
Amity 46
Scored 95 in Accounts

sarthak-results16-lpcaSarthak Singh
Amity 46
Scored 93 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

Rajesh sir has been a true inspiration to me. He has helped me overcome my weakness and made me a person that one should be. He is a teacher who takes care of students and also he thinks as students think. He makes the class so interesting that it becomes so easy to understand the topic. And I am not going to forget that moment when sir was standing at the gate and said show me HW. Thank you sir.

DPS 45
Scored 91 in Economics


Scored 95 in Accounts and 92 in Economics

Loreto Convent
Scored 88 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

DPS 45
Scored 76 in Accounts and 92 in Economics

DPS Mruti Kunj
Scored 84 in Accounts and 92 in Economics

Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students , and so does Rajesh Sir. He has very interesting and amazing ways of making the difficult concepts easier.He uses amazing shortcuts which can be remembered easily.I was scared of economics earlier but he helped me a lot. One can call him anytime for doubts and he is always there for his students.The recorded classes were of a great help whenever I missed any important classes.His classes were really interesting that one can never get bored.His test series conducted were really difficult just to make us more strong in the subjects,which really helped me a lot.I cannot thank him enough for his efforts and hard work on us.He is the best teacher.Whatever I have scored is just because of him,the credit goes to you sir.
Thank you so much sir.

Ryan International, Delhi
Scored 95 in Accounts and 78 in Economics

Can’t thank Rajesh Sir enough for putting so much effort for all of us. His ways of getting one’s weakness and turning them to there strengths .His hard work in setting up tests and the extra questions he gives other than the main book really enhance practical implication of concepts of the chapter. There is no way I being a average student could have scored a 95 in Accounts and 78 in Economics without him. He is no doubt the best commerce teacher, mentor one can look for!

Tagore International
Scored 85 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

“A GOOD TEACHER TEACHES FROM THE HEART AND NOT THE BOOK.” Rajesh sir is a fabulous teacher and the best at his subject. He helps to bring out the best in every student. He is a friend,a guide and a teacher and he performs all these roles to the best of his capabilities. After studying from him for 2 consecutive years, I can assure you that there will not be a single class without his gags and jokes.His recorded classes add to one of the many reasons for joining LPCA. Adding to this, sir teaches each and every concept in every possible way so that every student is able to understand the topic.
The test series in the end were so helpful and productive,teaching us time management, solving of HOTS question and presentation of work.
Rajesh sir made accountancy and economics a fun subject.

Lotus Valley
Scored 81 in Accounts