Top Results 2011-12

disha-ss1213Disha Sachdeva
Economics:- 100, Accountancy:- 97

“I think one of the most important decisions nowadays for class 12th students and their parents is to find the right guidance to bring out the best in them. This is definitely a crucial class and no one wants to take any chances. You will definitely not take a chance if you come and study at Learners point. Rajesh sir will undoubtedly become one of your favourite teachers. I’ve never been taught accounts in such a way before. His knowledge of the subject is very vast and he has very interesting and humorous ways of making you understand even the toughest topics and I am sure all my batch mates would agree. He also has all the time in the world for his students. We were able to complete our entire syllabus way before time (and no, we did not hurry) and got loads of time to revise it again and again. At that time, we practiced easy, tough and some very tough questions but we could solve them. He also conducted mock board exams for us so that we could learn time management during the exams (which is very important for accountancy). A class with him is never dull, very interactive, resourceful and helpful. He is very dedicated to his profession and will guide you in the best possible way to get the best results. “

Accountancy:- 98 (Cass XII)

“What is unique about Rajesh sir’s method of teaching is the visual map he builds where I can practically see the cash flowing out from one account into another. Another thing I attribute my performance to is the variety of questions I received from Learner’s Point that increased my confidence and ability to think and apply. On the night before my Accounts exam, I had attempted nearly every kind of question – theory and practical – that could possibly be formulated. As a result, 98 was exactly what I expected and exactly what I got.”

mohita-ss1213Mohita Kandhari
Accountancy :- 95 , Economics – 94
3rd School Topper in Commerce Stream

“Mr. Rajesh Khanna taught me for two consecutive years and I give full credit to him for my outstanding result . Sir is an interactive teacher and his classes are always very lively and it is undoubtedly the best learning experience a child can get. His teaching methods are such that it makes it easier for children to grasp the concept.
He teaches in a clear concise manner and gives guidance on the methods to follow while preparing for the examination. Hence, scoring 90 above is indeed very easy for someone who has been taught by Sir.
I recommend him unconditionally to all those who are serious about improving their scores and securing near perfect marks in their examinations. In the end I would just like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, Sir for helping me gain confidence and for teaching me how to cross the 90% threshold . ”

jasnoor-ss1213Jasnoor Singh
Accountancy:- 95

“I am grateful to Rajesh sir who has helped me to create the interest in the subject from the very beginning. He welcomes all kinds of doubts and queries . He helps us to visualise every component of the subject and makes studying fun. He has the ability to understand the hidden qualities of every student . The thing I will miss the most about him is receiving a chocolate after every correct answer in the class . He gives the best guidance and support. I couldn’t have had a better teacher .”

madhur-ss1213Madhur Batra
Accountancy:- 95

“Rajesh sir is one of a kind. His innovative techniques and theories to explain concepts made accounts a lot simpler and enjoyable for me. I joined his coaching classes in 11th standard. He analyzed my performance, identified my weak points and helped me focus on them. I enjoyed every minute of class with him . Me and my parents are grateful to have found him :). “

shreya-ss1213Shreya Jain
Accountancy:- 95; Economics:- 95

“Today i feel that my decision of joining learners point was absolutely right. Rajesh sir really helped me a lot in account and economics by clearing out all my doubts. I am really thankful to him for the same.Sir made us do each and every type of question and helped us gain confidence in both these subjects.Thank you Rajesh sir !!!!!”

sanchit-ss1213Sanchit Shorewala
Economics:- 95, Aggregate:- 96.2

“Being a science student, joining Learners Point Academy for Economics was a real boon for me. Rajesh sir taught us in a very thorough yet entertaining way which made me genuinely look forward to attending classes since they never got boring. He made learning the subject enjoyable while also keeping in mind Board guidelines. Now I will study Economics at University of California, Berkeley, and I can gladly say that sir contributed a lot towards my interest in pursuing this field. “

shruti-ss1213Shruti Jaggi
Economics:- 97

“I am lucky to be a part of learners point academy. This institution has not only helped me in my studies but helped in shaping my personality and building my confidence..
Our teacher, Mr. Rajesh Khanna, is a very dedicated and learned person. we used to finish our course much before time and then we had our revision tests and doubt session which helped my ability to think and apply. We had a friendly and homely atmosphere.
My teacher”s dedication and my hard work finally paid off..”

dhruv-ss1213Dhruv Aurora
Economics:- 96

“Rajesh sir is a teacher whose method of teaching is unique and easily comprehensible. I joined Learner’s Point Commerce Academy for nearly one and a half months but sir’s constant help and making us solve innumerable sample papers helped me score 96% in Economics. He provides easy and quick methods to solve questions and explains everything individually and picturesquely. LPCA creates excellent understanding all thanks to Rajesh sir.”.

aditai-ss1213Aditai Puri
Economics:- 97, 2nd Topper of the school

“Being from a Science background , i never really gave much attention to Eco. Towards the last few months , the subject began o haunt me , as i realised how much i still had to do ! This was when i heard about Rajesh sir and joined him. His immense passion for the subject and in-depth knowledge enabled me to have a complete clarity of concepts. His Mock tests raised my bar completely. A great portion of the board paper, was from sir’s series of mock tests. Shall never forget sirs magic , in helping me get this score !”

kinshu-sc1213Kinshu Sultania
Accountancy:- 95; Economics:- 95

One of the biggest contributing elements to my board marks is the help and guidance i received by Rajesh sir. He is both a friend and a mentor to me.
Being an expert in his field, he is well versed with the subjects. His dedication and unique style of teaching; might i add with a lot of fun filled classes makes the subject very easy to grasp. I am a person who has a doubt after every 2 seconds but sir clarifies all of them very patiently and so i do not hesitate to voice my doubts in class. He has motivated me at every point.
I am proud to be a student of Learners Point and had always looked forward to those 2 hours of grueling yet fun filled classes.

rohan-ss1213Rohan Khanna
Economics:- 95

“I would like to thank Rajesh sir for helping and motivating me to score above 90 in boards. I really like his style of teaching and he is a very good human being.

sayesha-ss1213Sayesha Berera
Economics:- 97, Accountancy:- 95

“Amazing tutorial. Best teacher. The way you taught reflected in my marks.
Thank you soo much. You guided me through out and got out the best in me
And no doubt super awesome you are sir :D”

shardha-ss1213Shardha Raheja
Economics:- 95

“I joined Rajesh Sir’s classes just 2 months before my Board examinations ,and I never thought that i would manage to get above 80 as I had never scored great marks in eco, but because of the constant motivation and encourage alongside the amazing interactive teaching sir made my wish come true .. and I thank him for this(95 IN ECO) , it is just because of him that i have been able to come out with flying colors 🙂
Thank you sir..”

pranav-ss1213Pranav Jain
Accountancy:- 98, Economics:- 95

“Joining learner’s point was one of best decisions I made at start of Class XII.
Right from the time I enrolled at learners point, Rajesh sir has been a constant source of unflinching support, guidance and motivation. The best thing about him is that be it any time, he is always ready to help students . Finally I can describe my whole journey with him as comprehensive. Every minute detail was explored, discussed, and analyzed “

Accountancy:- 92

“Rajesh sir is one of the greatest people who is not only a selfless giver but also a mentors in my life. Role model, educator, selfless giver, trainer, life counselor – how many more roles can you assume for him. The reason behind my success is his hard work and encouragement that he gave me throughout my studies. He taught us time management which really helped in our boards .I am grateful to learners’ academy that gave me a wonderful experience of learning so many things through sirs’ guidance and help.
Thank you so much…”

prateek-ss1213Prateek Yadav
Accountancy:- 95

“This is Prateek Kumar Yadav ( D.P.S. ,SEC-45,Gurgaon) class 12, 95 in accountancy feels so good right? Well this happened because of only one and one person, And that is my sir Rajesh Khanna , he is an awesome teacher, he is always there for his students.
We never got bored during our classes. He will definitely make u understand each topic so easily.
He is the best teacher for accountancy and I can bet on this ……”

Accountancy:- 98, Economics:- 95

“Rajesh sir is the most dedicated and passionate teachers one can find. He ensures conceptual clarity and rigorous practice at the same time makes sure that learning is fun .I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than him. He inspires all his students to realise their full potential and be the best that they can be.”