LPCA Gurgaon Top Results Session 2017-18

Madhuvanthi M
Amity International School, sector 46
Accounts 99

I joined LPCA for economic test series. It was definitely very helpful in sharpening the concepts. I also learnt how to produce the answer to the point and within the given word limit. The test and discussion was well planned and systematic and was made sure that not even a single minute was wasted. Highly recommend LPCA for everyone, especially those who are aiming for 100s.

Kaavya Malhan
Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj
Economics-98, Accountancy-95

Rajesh sir is an amazing teacher, no one can clear concepts and train us to work hard like he does. His teaching methods are unique and undoubtedly effective. Apart from being a wonderful teacher, he’s supportive and never fails to be there for you, no matter what. He loves all his students and builds a bond with everyone. I’m yet to come across a teacher like him!

DPSG Gurgaon
Eco-97 Accounts-95

The coolest sir one could ever get. I am so grateful sir you being my teacher! Studying with you was more fun than being a torture. The way you make different terms understand is next level sir and I absolutely love it ! From Shawaa shawa ,mahiya wey shawa shawa ‘dance’ to ‘ bhavnao Ko smjho yar Bhavna k peeche mat bhago’ ,hahaha it was so much of fun! Thanks a lot sir ! Love you!

Shreya Rai
Accountancy – 95
DPS, Sec 45, Gurgaon

Rajesh Sir has been a great mentor and I don’t think I would have achieved so much without his constant support and guidance.
He turns monotonous theory classes into fun filled ones. Learning has never been more joyous.

Advaita Kapoor
Delhi Public School, Sector 45
Eco 94 Accounts 98

Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers one can get. His way of teaching focuses more on the concept which is very helpful. I would advise everyone to join LPCA institute for a knowledgeable understanding of the subject.

Muskan Anand
Delhi Public School, Gurgaon Sec-45
Accounts 99, Economics 91

Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers I have ever met. I joined in class 11 and seriously doubt whether I would have continued in commerce without Sir’s motivation and efforts. The innovative ways of learning that sir has devised work wonders. Sir’s bollywood references only add to our love for him. LPCA is a place where one can find unconditional support and guidance in a healthy learning environment. Celebrations and birthdays are a cherry on top of the cake. Learning is given utmost importance and sir is always available for clearing doubts. Thank you sir for being a wonderful mentor and friend.

Amisha Sanwal
Amity International School, Sector-43, Ggn
Accounts 91

Rajesh Sir has always been an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher who made studying accountancy easier. It is because of his undying efforts and “koi baat nahi puttar” with a smile on my mistakes that i could score 91. LPCA was a great 2 year journey which i wish i could extend for some more time.

Kavya Virmani
DPS, Sec 45, Gurgaon
Accounts 95

Rajesh Sir is not only an excellent accounts teacher, but a great mentor too. A very dynamic teacher, he constantly motivates his students to achieve more.

Prachi Jindal
Summer Fields School(Commerce stream topper)
Accountancy 97

Rajesh sir is a brilliant teacher. 97 in Accountancy would be impossible without him. He will guide you in every possible way to enhance your knowledge. His motive is to make sure that his students understand the concepts well and not just cram things. His interactive ways of teaching helped me a lot in retaining the concepts. He makes the subject very interesting and when you enjoy a subject you really give your 100% in it and never take it as a burden.

Thanks a lot sir for being a great teacher.

Arsheya Oberoi
Accounts 91 Economics 98

My time at LPCA has been absolutely amazing. It’s quite incredible to see how much effort Rajesh sir puts in to make sure that all of us reach our fullest potential.
He made sure we remained consistent with our work and at the same time made sure we didn’t feel burdened doing it. Sir is the best combination of work and play. And I’m glad i got to learn, everything that i did, from him.
Best of four – 95.25

Devesh Saini
Amity, Sec 46, Gurgaon
Economics 97 Accounts 95

“A good teacher is like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson”

Rajesh sir has passion for teaching due to which he is able to achieve the results no teacher is able to,Very good explanation of techniques through interesting and relatable examples were given. Various short cuts were also taught which helped a lot in the finishing of the paper on time.

The test series was well designed and the questions cleared all my concepts. It also prepared me to tackle the most difficult of questions. His guidance on what content to include in different types of questions was extremely helpful. He’s a great teacher and it’s because of him that I did well in my boards. Thank you sir !!

Abhik Sen
Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj
Eco – 88, Accounts – 75

Rajesh Sir is inspirational. It has been a privilege to attend classes at LPCA Gurgaon. Sir teaches with regularity explaining the concepts very clearly and succinctly. In case one misses out on a class one can listen to the recordings at the academy.
Sir responds to WhatsApp messages and maintains a parent’s group where he posts with regularity.
He listens to each student and tries his best to benefit each one individually.
I would recommend LPCA Gurgaon (the institute) to all twelfth graders for Economics and Accountancy.

Mayank Mohapatra
The Heritage School, Gurgaon
Economics 93

Rajesh Sir is literally the best teacher one could ever ask for. I joined LPCA in Grade 12 for Economics. Never had I met a teacher like him, he made learning so easy
and fun that I never felt the need to study for my Economics tests and exams, a quick glance at his notes was more than enough. I still remember the first class where he taught us consumer equilibrium using the example of jeans bought by Salman Khan. His jovial attitude always cracking jokes in class made tuition classes super fun. The way he taught us with different tricks and techniques was amazing I am pretty sure that we would never forget the concepts. He made himself available to me 27*7 and was always there to help me out and clear my doubt. I feel truly blessed to have been his student.
Thank You for everything sir 🙂

Divyanshu Ranjan
Accountancy – 95 Economics – 99

Rajesh sir is the best teacher I have ever met .No one can teach like him, his way of teaching is the best .
I am glad that I joined LPCA from the beginning, it helped me bring the best out of myself. Thankyou sir for all the love, support and guidance.

Aaryan Agarwal
National law University Jodhpur
Accountancy 90

Studying with Rajesh sir is a truly fun-filled experience. You end up having the best time in class while learning the most intricate concepts of accounts. The only condition is that you need to put in the hard work and push your limits to achieve your desired result. Rajesh sir is easily one of the most approachable teacher I have ever come across and you can come to him with any doubt. He ensures that the concept is clear in your mind not just to a level that you can produce good results but to a level where you can impart that knowledge onto others.

Astitva Thukral
Shalom Hills International
Accountancy 94

Rajesh sir is a very caring and one of the most hard working teachers I have ever seen. His teaching methods are entirely different from any other teacher that I have studied with. People say that Accountancy is a very difficult subject, but Rajesh sir made it easy for us with the help of his excellent teaching skills. Due to sports I used to miss out on a lot of classes, but he helped me to cover them up and and achieve good grades in my exams and I am thankful to him for teaching me.

Shubhanker Tuteja
Mother’s international school New Delhi
Economics 99

LPCA is not an academy it’s an experience, it’s an unforgettable memory that I will always cherish.
LPCA changed my life the marks that I only dreamt of getting in boards became a reality because of Rajesh Khanna sir, he was, is and always will be the best teacher, mentor , friend and bro that any student can ever have. He sieves the boredom and monotony from the subject and makes it super exciting with this humourous jokes, his ways of making you learn concepts cannot be matched. Apart from a dedicated teacher he has also been a very dear friend with whom we can share anything and everything. His ways of teaching never made me look at accounts and economics as a burden rather it became fun for me. My 2 years at LPCA are definitely one of the most special years of my life. The friends I made there, the festivals and birthdays we celebrated together, the bonds that we made (which shall never be brocken) , the doubts that we got cleared, the regular tests that’s we gave, the revision classes for rapid fire revisions, the sample papers we solved, the homeworks that we got checked (about which Rajesh sir was very particular) and those chocolates for giving the correct answer brings tears in my eyes when I think of it. All the Rajesh sir’s blessings, teachings, stay backs to complete work eventually helped to strengthen us and shape us into who we were meant to be.Goodbyes heart the most when you are attached to something for too long, so I do not consider this as a goodbye … I thank my destiny and Rajesh sir for making me a part of the LPCA family which I immensely value and I will always be connected to LPCA… It is as they say
Thank you LPCA
Thank you Rajesh sir !!


I’ve studied at LPCA for the two most crucial years of a student’s life. Rajesh sir has been an excellent teacher and the best one I’ve had till date. His style of teaching has always been unique which made accounts easier to understand. Random Bollywood dialogues and movie references made the subject so much fun. Thank you sir for making my concepts crystal clear, for clearing all my doubts. Thank you for your constant support and motivation. I know teachers like you are not easy to find so thank you for making me do my best and thank you for being the best.

Agrim Yadav
Amity, Sec 46, Gurgaon
Accounts -95 Economics – 98

Rajesh sir is one of the best teacher i have come across. For class 12 students he is always more dedicated than students and always encourages students in the best possible manner. He is the greatest master of accounts and he made accounts very easy for me .. he is the most friendly teacher i have ever met . Thank you so much sir!

Udita Shekhar
Amity 46

Rajesh sir has easily been one of the most passionate teacher’s I’ve come across. He made tuition so much less boring through his fun and interactive methods. He’s probably one of the coolest teachers around, so much that he made accounts fun. Thank you so much Sir for all your guidance!

Rhea Gupta
Amity International School, Saket
Accountancy 95 Economics 80

When i joined this institute I was low on confidence and wasn’t sure if commerce was the subject for me. However, after meeting Rajesh sir I had feeling of calmness and warmth because I knew if was in the right place. Rajesh sir gave us tips and tricks to solve problems. He not only taught us the material, but also changed the way we approach a problem. The institution had continuous exams and feedback sessions to keep us going and be on top of the material. Rather than just mugging up things, Rajesh sir made us question and think out of the box. With his years of experience, he could predict the mistakes we would make and warn us before hand. He also gave us the most frequently asked questions and interacted with all the students on a one-on-one basis. He’s a great teacher and a very humble person. Thank You sir for everything!

Namit Kumar
DPS 45, Gurgaon
Economics 95

My experience over the last two years at LPCA can be described as not only enjoyable, but also unique. Rajesh Sir is an excellent teacher whose methods, as unconventional as they may seem, work. He connected with the students by trying to connect the subjects with real life situations and gave examples which were easy to comprehend. He is as energetic and consistent as he is patient and relentless. Available for doubts at any point of time in the day, all year round; he made learning easy, convenient and systematic.

LPCA and Rajesh Sir were crucial in guiding me through the most important years of my schooling.

Aeshna Salwan
Economics 94

Learning at LPCA has been my greatest learning experience. Ever since my first day there, Rajesh sir has gone above and beyond to help me understand what the subject matter really is. All my doubts were heard and duly. Sir’s patience had no bounds, you can come up with the most ridiculous questions and he will answer them all with a smile on his face. I will always be extremely grateful to him for all that he does for his students.
Also his classes are LIT !

Anisha Diwan
Economics 92


Accounts 91 Economics 91


Economics 96


Dhruv Saluja
Economics 96


Amity Delhi
Economics 95


Amity 46 GGN
Economics 90


Accounts 95


Kunal Puri
Accounts 95


Manavi Jain
Economics 91


Muskan Abrol
Amity 43 GGN
Accounts 95


Accounts 95


Parth Wassan
KR Mangalam
Accounts 99


Accounts 90


GD Goenka
Economics 95 Accounts 92


DPS 45 Gurgaon
Accounts 90


Shubham Fanda
Economics 96 Accounts 99


Economics 90 Accounts 95