sachit_kheraSachit Khera – CA – PCE
32 rank all over India May. 2010 batch

“I would like to thank more than a few people for my decent score in the PCE. However, I would like to extend my special thanks to Mr. Rajesh Khanna, my teacher for Costing & Financial Management and Taxation. He is one of the most respectable people I have ever come across and I will always be grateful to him for the effort he made for me. He has really helped me secure conceptual clarity and technical application in both these subjects and I really appreciate his endeavor for the same. It has been a complete pleasure studying under his tutelage and I would suggest anyone who is willing to make a whole hearted attempt at his/her education, to join him as soon as possible. I assure them, they would be instantly gratified.”

Sachit Khera

devanshi_sachdevaDevanshi Sachdeva – CA IPCC
2nd Rank in CA IPCC in all over Gurgaon, 2015 batch.

“Rajesh Sir is the most inspiring and exceptional teacher I have ever studied from. Even though I had no commerce background, he saw my potential and helped me realise it fully. He instilled confidence in me to attempt two groups of IPCC together and with his brilliant coaching I could clear both groups in my first attempt. Thank you sir.”

aashna-lpca14Aashna Agarwal
SRI RAM ARAVALI – ISC Board (2014-15)
Scored 100 in Accounts

Rajesh Sir is a brilliant tutor. I went to him for accounts tuition in 12th and got 100 in accounts ISC board examination. However he is very strict and you have to be consistent with homework and no talking in class. His papers are exceptionally tough and are really hard to score in but they are very helpful and greatly improve your overall understanding of the subject. Tuition with Rajesh Sir really helped improve my

disha-ss1213Disha Sachdeva (2012-13)
Economics:-100, Accountancy:-97

“I think one of the most important decisions nowadays for class 12th students and their parents is to find the right guidance to bring out the best in them. This is definitely a crucial class and no one wants to take any chances. You will definitely not take a chance if you come and study at Learners point. Rajesh sir will undoubtedly become one of your favourite teachers. I’ve never been taught accounts in such a way before. His knowledge of the subject is very vast and he has very interesting and humorous ways of making you understand even the toughest topics and I am sure all my batch mates would agree. He also has all the time in the world for his students. We were able to complete our entire syllabus way before time (and no, we did not hurry) and got loads of time to revise it again and again. At that time, we practiced easy, tough and some very tough questions but we could solve them. He also conducted mock board exams for us so that we could learn time management during the exams (which is very important for accountancy). A class with him is never dull, very interactive, resourceful and helpful. He is very dedicated to his profession and will guide you in the best possible way to get the best results.

nopic-results15-lpcaEsha Kapoor
42 rank all over India in Nov. 2009 batch

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” – William A. Ward

The above quote fits aptly on Khanna sir. His teaching method is really good, wherein he explains the concept by not just plain theory but using illustrative examples which not only makes one understand the concepts but helps retain them also. He gives adequate time to clear all the doubts and provides enough revision material to ensure that his students come out with excellent results.I attribute my performance in C.A. and Graduation[B. Comm (H)] to him and to the fact that he never allowed me to be complacent and give up. The fact that he always encouraged me to give my hundred percent and abstain from selective study.
If I had the option and if Sir agreed I would always study from him, considering the rapport we share with him as students. Thank you so much sir for always being there. Thank you for all the support and guidance.
Esha Kapoor

saachi-ss1314Saachi Verma
Scored 100% in Income Tax in B.Com (Hons.) Sem-III.

“Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers I’ve come across. His multiple, widely adaptive techniques have made income tax so much more easier for me to understand. His interactive way of teaching ensures that we give nothing but our 100% to the class and the subject. ”

vasudha-bassiVasudha Bassi
SRI RAM ARAVALI – ISC Board (2014-15)
Scored 100 in Accounts

Very good explanation of techniques through interesting and relatable examples was given. Various short cuts were also taught which helped a lot in the finishing of the paper on time. I would just have preferred to do more papers on the prescribed board pattern.

DPS 45 – Gurgaon – CBSE Board (2014-15)
Scored 99 in Economics

I joined LPCA – Gurgaon, for the test series. Rajesh sir helped me in the areas where I faced difficulty. Rajesh Sir helped me immensely in scoring so well in economics. Thank you sir!

DPS 45 – Gurgaon – CBSE Board (2014-15)
Scored 99 in Economics

I joined Rajesh sir’s test series about one month before my boards started. At the time my concepts were jumbled up and I didn’t know how to frame my answers, so I wasn’t too confident about economics. But sir’s classes were very helpful. The test series was well designed and the questions cleared all my concepts. It also prepared me to tackle the most difficult of questions. His guidance on what content to include in different types of questions was extremely helpful. He’s a great teacher and it’s because of him that I did well in my boards! Thank you sir 🙂