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Kavya Arora
DPS 45, Gurgaon
Accountancy – 98, Economics – 96

Rajesh sir has been one of the most influential and inspirational figures for me in my educational journey from the point of him motivating me to all the late night doubt clearing sessions we had. The stressful journey of the board year was made a walk in the park all because of sirs guidance and the result that I achieved would not have been possible without his help, so thank you so much Rajesh sir.

Suveer Kalra
Modern School Barakhamba Road
Accountancy – 98; Economics – 98

My experience with Rajesh sir has been wonderful and I can assure you that he is one of the best teachers out there. I had contacted him towards the end of Class 11 to inquire about his Class 12 batches and not only was sir quick to respond but also allowed me to attend a few of his classes in Class 11 as I was struggling with a few topics. Even though I was not his student back then, he did not hesitate in helping me out which just goes to show that sir cares about every student and guides them in the best possible way. Once I joined LPCA, not only did my marks improve but my confidence also increased and I was able to solve questions with ease. The test series that sir conducted had some of the toughest questions I had seen which prepared me for the Board exam and made the Board exam seem very easy. Not only that, Rajesh sir also keeps the class environment relatively relaxed which fosters a healthy learning experience for all students. I truly am indebted to Rajesh sir for these marks, had it not been for his constant support and motivation, it wouldn’t have been possible.
Thank you so much sir!

Sparsh Jain
G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj
Accountancy – 97

I’ve been an Accountancy student w Rajesh Sir for two years, and I can say w absolute certainty that his contributions have been instrumental in my preparation. His practical approach towards teaching the chapters, in form of passcodes, ensures that concepts are embedded in your memory. However, the greatest element in his classes is the students in his batches, who keep you on track with the right fit of healthy competition. His test series are probably the hardest papers that you’ll ever come across, and will prepare you for any level of difficulty in the actual examinations, along with adequate Practice Sessions for doubts and any discrepancies in comprehension of any concept.
In conclusion, I’ll place Rajesh sir as one of the best teachers that I’ve come across, as he pushed me towards excellence by unlocking my potential continuously.

Diya jindal
Accountancy – 96

Rajesh sir is an excellent teacher and a friend to all his students. His way of teaching is different than most the teachers, he uses real life examples to make sure that we understand the topics clearly and relate to them. He is always there to interact one to one and even clear all our doubts even at night. Thank you sir for everything!!

Manvi Madan
Rukmani Devi, Rohini
Accountancy – 96; Economics – 89

I joined the institute for online classes .The everyday classes , regular doubt solving sessions ,rigorous test series. Exposure to all kinds of questions, repeated test series helped me gain such marks in my class 12 .Sir treats us like a family and teaches in a friendly way giving his 100 % to make us understand the concept . I highly recommend joining the institute for boards preparation.

Garv Wadhwa
Shiv Nadar, Ggn
Accountancy – 95; Economics – 85


Ishaani Kapur
Accountancy – 95, Economics – 95


Jahaan Nachani
Shiv Nadar
Accountancy-95; Economics – 978


Karitke Pandey
Accountancy – 95, Economics – 87


DPS 45
Accountancy – 95


Minal Bahagat
Shiv Nadar
Accountancy – 95

Attending LPCA classes have been very beneficial for me. Rajesh sir gave us clear explanations with practical examples which helped me understand the concepts well. The classes were engaging and made accounts easier to study.

Rushil Govil
Udgam School, Gujarat
Accountancy – 95

I joined LPCA in grade 12th for Accountancy and studied through online mode with Rajesh sir. More than a teacher sir has always been a friend, being firm and not strict is a quality that only he possess. He has driven us through meticulously structured classes and always kept us in high discipline, this has paid off in our preparation for the boards as well as for competitive exams. His approach has been unmatched and I’m very thankful for his guidance.

Accountancy – 95


Ayman Tripathi
Scotish High, ISC
Accountancy – 94

Rajesh sir has been one of the most influential and inspirational figures for me in my educational journey from the point of him motivating me to all the late night doubt clearing sessions we had. The stressful journey of the board year was made a walk in the park all because of sirs guidance and the result that I achieved would not have been possible without his help, so thank you so much Rajesh sir.

DPS 45 Gurgaon
Accountancy – 94


Kavya Saraogi
Sri Ram Moulsari, ISC
Accountancy – 93

I don’t think there are many words that can accurately describe my experience with Rajesh sir. Having joined LPCA in the middle of the academic year, I had no idea as to how useful sir’s classes would come out to be. Throughout every single class, he made us laugh, have fun, and genuinely enjoy the subject matter. His stories, mnemonics, and tricks to solving the questions made accounts quite easy to deal with. No matter how busy sir was, we could call him in the middle of the night, and he would still solve our questions. He knew the mistakes we were making, or had made in his tests, prior to us telling him about them. His test series at the end of the year, and during the year for our school tests and exams, was the icing on the cake, as it helped us iron out our last few doubts before the exam day. All in all, I would like to thank sir for the late night Q & A sessions, his grueling tests (in which we were competing against every single student sir has ever taught as he remembered their exact marks), and his insight with regards to the topics that were bothering all of us individually. He, quite literally, took a subject I feared and made it one which I fell in love with.

Yash Goyal
Accountancy – 93


Accountancy – 92, Economics – 85

Positives with LPCA

  • Sirs way of teaching with humor made it very easy for me to understand
  • Sir never rushed with any chapter and made sure everyone in class understood all concepts before we moved forward
  • Sir treated all students equally and always encouraged doubts and gave extra time to me when i needed it


  • Travelling to the centre was a huge difficulty for me initially. However this issue was resolved when sir helped me by dropping me to the centre as he lived nearby to me

Agrim Gupta
Sri Ram Moulsari, ISC
Accountancy – 91

Rajesh Sir is as much a friend as he is an inspiring mentor: his hilarious anecdotes, unparalleled creativity, quick-wit, and blunt critiques make this journey truly enriching and unexpectedly fun.

I was particularly impressed by the holistic support provided— Rahul ensured I never fell back on classes by providing back up sessions, Rajesh sir grilling me in mock Viva’s until it was impossible to be scared and his constant urge to meticulously breathe life into my subject knowledge in record turnaround times.

Collectively, Rajesh Sir doesn’t just make accounts easier but teaches you skills that you’ll need for practical applications too.

You’re reading this testimonial to gauge whether LPCA classes is the way to go for you. Well, I’ll be blunt; it 100% is.

Aryan Nath
Sri Ram Aravalli
Accountancy – 89

Rajesh sir is a very dedicated teacher and is very passionate about teaching his students . He treats each student like his own child which is what makes him very special.

Krish Mehra
Scotish High, ISC
Accountancy – 89

LPCA has been a great help to me. With the help of Rajesh sir I was able to understand accounting prinicples and comcepts much more easily than if I would have tried otherwise. LPCA made learning fun which in turn pushed all of us to score good marks. Thanks a lot Rajesh sir!

Guraan Puri
Accountancy – 87


Economics – 92


Economics – 86


Ayushi Singh
Spring Dale, Dhaula Kuan
Economics – 91


Naman Gandhi
Amity 43
Economics – 92

Rajesh sir’s way of teaching is very fun and unique. More than that, he’s a very approachable teacher you can text him any time if you have a doubt and he’ll surely reply. He interacts with each and every student and makes the subject feel so interesting that after 2 years of Economics with him I’m keen in pursuing Economics Honors.