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Anirudh Gupta
Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon

I joined LPCA – Gurgaon in Grade XI. My experience at LPCA has been wonderful. To me Rajesh Sir was more like a friend than a teacher. He always emphasized that Accountancy is all about accuracy. One of my biggest fights in the high school was how to complete the Accountancy paper. Rajesh Sir, however used innovative methods to teach me the concepts properly. Through the test series, he showed me the right way to effectively allocate those 3 hours. His guidance enabled me to get that level of accuracy which is required for scoring a 100.
Apart from being a good teacher, he is wonderful counsellor and motivator too. He keeps on sharing various experiences and encourages students to stay optimistic. He ensures that his sessions are interactive and never hesitates in clearing the student’s doubts.
I dont think I would have been able to score cent percent in Accountancy without those fruitful sessions at LPCA.

Thank You!
Anirudh Gupta

Ananya Dhanuka
Accountancy-98; Economics – 100

I joined LPCA in 11th grade and it has been the most amazing experience I’ve had. Sir has a unique style of teaching by mixing fun with learning. He makes the class participative and involves everyone in solving the questions. He gives personalised attention to every student.
He’s always available for doubts even if it is late in the night. Over the two years I’ve been with sir, we were like a family and he treated all his students like his own children. The environment at LPCA – Gurgaon is warm and conducive to learning. I’m grateful to LPCA and Rajesh sir for pushing me to do my best.

Ananya Dhanuka

Shancy SahooShancy Sahoo
Amity International School, Sector-43
Accountancy- 99

I joined LPCA classes in the beginning of 11th grade and these 2 years experience was amazing. Rajesh sir stands out as a teacher. His creative, unique teaching approach and humorous and interesting techniques of teaching made a subject like Accounts seem extremely easy. The classes are engaging and enjoyable and we never felt distracted while learning from sir. He has a very vast knowledge of the subject and thus is an exceptional teacher. Nobody can turn dull learning into living action and lasting memory like Rajesh sir!

Ishita GuptaIshita Gupta
DPS RK Puram
Accountancy-98; Economics – 98

I joined LPCA in 12th standard and my experience over there has been quite pleasant. Rajesh sir has had a great influence on me and he pushed me to do my best. His methods of teaching are quite unique and his approach towards the subject has improved my understanding of the subject. It is only because of him that I have been able to secure such good marks in my board examinations .He keeps classroom environment quite light and friendly and we can approach him with our numerous doubts without any hesitation. He is always ready to go an extra mile to encourage his students to work hard and achieve their potential. He infuses same passion and dedication among his students which he has for his subjects. Rajesh sir is not only a good teacher but also a great mentor.

Amity, Sec 46


Ankit SharmaAnkit sharma
Manav Rachna School
Economics : 96

I joined LPCA in 11th standard and my experience with this institution created by Rajesh sir has been a building block in my school life. Sir’s unique way of teaching really made things so simpler and understandable.
I’m really thankful to Rajesh Sir for his brilliant guidance and his support which helped me score well.



Nandini Khatter
DPS 45 Gurgaon
Accountancy-95; Economics – 96


Daksh Anand
DPS 45 Gurgaon
Accounts-95; Economics -95

I joined LPCA In 11th since then Rajesh Sir has Just been more than a teacher for me,he is like one of those friends who is constantly behind your back and always motivates you to study. In LPCA you don’t just learn accounts economics you learn many life lessons which are used in school life and I feel even in the upcoming years. In 10th I got 50% in my pre-boards So I was told that if I don’t score 75% or above in the unit test the commerce stream will be taken from me and I will be transferred to humanities so when I told this to Sir he took this as a challenge for himself that I will make this boy study and due his and my combined efforts I was able to score 95 in both the subjects. Here at LPCA sir makes us prepare for the worst Scenario he made us solve such tough questions that the board paper was like peanuts for all of us

DPS 45 Gurgaon


Devasya Mitra
Amity International School Sector-43

I used to go to LPCA – Gurgaon centre since class 11 and was impressed with the way in which sir would explain the concepts in a fun manner through humour, mnemonics and various real-life examples. Sir would ensure that we understand the topic however long it takes. Whenever he interacts with students during classes, he makes sure that every student is given due attention. Sometimes he may be hard on some students, but at the end of the day, he is just like a friend. He knows the capabilities of every student and motivate him/her to achieve them. He is always there to solve any doubts. He would do what is best for us. He is not only known for his mentoring but also for his passion to teach and his sincerity towards his work that will inspire me for the future. He is quite strict with homeworks; but he knows that it’s for the best of the students. Sir is the most meticulous person I’ve met and if you join LPCA, you will be inculcated with some life skills too. Thank you sir for your guidance!

Arpita Gupta

Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers that you can get. I studied accounts at LPCA Gurgaon centre for one year and it proved to be an enriching and fulfilling experience for me. Sir’s unique style of teaching made my concepts clear and his motivational talks and constant support helped me get over the stress before exams. One can find the perfect balance of a teacher, a mentor and a friend in sir. I thank him for everything.

Mansha Bajaj
Heritage Xperirntial Learning School, Gurgaon
Accounts -95

I joined LPCA in grade 11 and I completely loved the experience of studying in the institute. Sir is an enthusiastic teacher and does everything in his power to deliver a concept such that you can never forget it and is always ready to take doubts. Along with the superb teaching his endless jokes make the classes engaging and memorable.

Jatin Pruthi
Amity International School Sector-43

I joined lpca in 11th grade and it ha been the best journey.Initially I was scared of accounts but Rajesh sir made it pretty easy for me.It has been an amazing journey to be a part of LPCA family. Rajesh sir had always been there to clear doubts and the class sessions were quite interactive as well as he used to crack jokes in between which always helped us keep our interest in the subject.

Heritage School, Gurgaon
Accounts – 95


Utkarsh Kapoor
DPS 45 Gurgaon
Accounts – 95


Manav Virmani
DPS 45 Gurgaon
Economics – 95


Shreeya Yadav
DPS 45 Gurgaon
Economics – 95


Economics – 95


Ekjot Singh Khurana
Economics – 94


Vedangshri Vijay
DPS Sec-45 Gurgaon
Accounts – 94

I came to LPCA after my grade 11 results as I was clearly struggling to score good marks in Accountancy. And now as the year has passed, I think I had made one of the wisest decisions by coming here.T he core concept emphasis methodology is arguably one of the best strategies that has been used along with the rigorous reinforcement of knowledge by regular testing and practice to embed the theory and concepts in to the memory and is one of the main reasons for my success. Also Rajesh sir is one of the most fun-loving , entertaining yet serious mentors out there. I would never forget those in-class jokes and the innovative methods specially developed by Sir to help us remember things .His class was a class which I looked forward to every time. He was not just a teacher but a mentor and encouraged and motivated me to strive for better. He has played a crucial role in helping me get over my fear of Accountancy and finally score a 94.I personally feel indebted to him for my success in accountancy. Thank you sir!

DPS S.LOK, Gurgaon
Accounts – 94


Samarth Khurana
GD Goenka Public School Vasant Kunj
i joined LPCA in grade 12th. Rajesh sir is a great teacher and has always been very patient with me throughout the year.He always pushed me to overcome my downfalls.Not only that he maintained a healthy environment in the classroom which made understanding the concepts easier.With his proper guidance I was able to achieve my desired results.Thank you sir for having faith in me.

Meghna Wadhwa
Economics – 93

I joined LPCA in 11th grade and it was the best decision. Rajesh sir is one of the finest teachers out there! He put immense amount of work in every class from detailed notes to worksheets to the tests and even his shortcuts for remembering stuff. He is also extremely patient and understanding.I would not have had the clarity in my subjects if it were not for him. LPCA has a great environment and I really recommend it.

Raghav Mittal
Economics – 93

I joined the LPCA economics batch in 12th. I would just say that all the tension I had of studying Indian Economics (an all theory subject), with the expert guidance by sir it seemed easy. Long questions seemed like a piece of cake with sir’s expert guidance. Constant test help us learn and practice better. According to me he is the only person who will clear your doubts in any way. He will always believe in you and will always encourage you to do better. I had a lavish experience studing at LPCA.
Thank you sir.

Sarthak Madan
K.R. Mangalam World School, South City 1
Accounts – 92

Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers a student can possibly get. He has always been very supportive and motivated all his students to achieve good grades and do their best. All his classes were always fun as he would crack jokes in between and make us all laugh and acted as a stress buster for all of us. I would highly recommend LPCA as it has the best teacher one can possibly get for those who are opting for commerce. Thank you sir for everything.

Shaurya Sikka
Amity International School, Sector-46
Accounts – 92

Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers I have ever met, his passion for teaching truly reflects in his ever increasing result year on year. His fun filled way to make us understand the most complicated problems is something which stands him apart from all others in this area . If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t had been able to understand the “a” of accountancy. Thank you so much sir for believing in me!

Aayan Arora
Sri Ram Aravali School
Accountancy – 91


Rachit Gandhi
DPS, RK Puram
Economics – 91


Manik Sharma
Economics – 90



Riddhi Battu
Accounts 90

I joined Rajesh sir’s tuition in 12th grade. I still remember my first class and how interactive he was with all of us. He made the class engaging and fun at the same time. I never thought that I would be exited to go to tuition but Rajesh sir’s classes were the highlight of my day. He has been our friend, our guild and our mentor. I am blessed to have him as my teacher. The amount of hard work sir puts in makes you want to work even harder. He has always been one call away whenever I had any doubts. He has helped me not only in my subject but has also taught me how to be a better and a hardworking human being. I am grateful to have him as my guide.