LPCA Gurgaon – Results 2014-15

Sri Ram Aravali
Scored 100 in Accounts

Rajesh sir is a brilliant tutor. He is committed to make sure that each student of his understands all the concepts properly. Rajesh sir is very approachable. He is always ready to clear doubts and answer questions no matter how late it is or where he is. He is also one of the coolest teachers I have come across often referring to me as bro or dude and randomly ordering pizza sometimes. He cares a lot about his students and gets very angry if someone misses a class but he makes sure that they catch up before the next one. The test series in the end was purposely made really tough to prepare us thoroughly for boards. I owe it all to him and it really wouldn’t have been possible without him! Thank you sir πŸ™‚

Ryan International (School Topper)
Scored 99 in Economics and 98 in Accounts

I cannot thank Rajesh Sir enough for putting so much effort on us. No one can clear concepts with the clarity than he can. The tests and the extra questions he gives other than the main book really enhance understanding of the chapter at hand. There is no way I could’ve scored a 98 in Accounts and 99 in Economics without him. He is, no doubt, the best commerce teacher one can have!
Thank you Rajesh Sir – Learners Point LPCA, Gurgaon

trishla-results15-lpcaTrishla Gupta
DPS S.Lok Gurgaon
Scored 99 in Accounts and 93 in Economics

Rajesh Khanna sir is an excellent tutor. He is one of the best accountancy teacher in Gurgaon. The method of teaching is exceptional; his shortcuts are amazing in fact while writing down the paper one remembers his shortcuts. He makes the dreadful subject accountancy so easy that one can easily score marks. Whatever I have scored today entire credit goes to Rajesh sir. Thank you so much sir πŸ™‚

Shefali-results15-lpcaShefali Verma
AMITY Sec 46 Gurgaon
Scored 97 in Economics

My experience at LPCA – Gurgaon was enriching and helpful due to which I was able to score decent marks in Economics. Rajesh sir is an incredible and hard working teacher who gives special attention to every student. He cleared my concepts and fundamentals in Economics which were quite confusing and unclear to me earlier, made us practice a lot of questions of high difficulty level and gave us tips on how to attempt Board Exam paper. He has an amazing way of teaching which makes the class enjoyable rather than boring. His test series was extremely helpful which had many HOTS questions. Thank you Sir!!

rishabh-results15-lpcaRishab Sancheti
DPS S. Lok – Gurgaon
Scored 96 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

I wish to congratulate you on the result of Rishabh in Class XII. I still remember the day when you were hesitant whether to take Rishabh in your class or not. He has really enjoyed your classes in Accounts and Math. Really your coaching skill is superb and the use of modern techniques such as recording of classes makes its excellent. I believe you have a passion of coaching and tremendous command over the subject and your practical approach and keeping the atmosphere light boost the confidence of the students.

Wish you all the best. / Ajay Sancheti

khyati-results15-lpcaKhyati Obrah
DAV School Sec 14 Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning…
– brad Henry
Rajesh sir has inspired us… made us believe in ourself and instill the love for accounts and economics…. In these two crucial years he has helped me in every possible way… even if I wanted to study a chapter starting from the scratch his recorded class has helped me every time… He easily understands what student’s mind can grasp and explains the concept in relation to that… He has very interesting and humorous ways of making the toughest concepts simpler… Rajesh sir will undoubtedly become one of your favorite teachers… His knowledge has ignited the imagination power in me which helped me in saving my time in board exams (which is important for accountancy) His test series are of great help which helped me in managing my time and framing my answers in a better way… He will guide you in a best possible way to enhance your capability in his subjects…

arman-results15-lpcaArmaan Anand
Scored 95 in Economics and 95 in Accounts

LPCA Gurgaon is not just a tuition centre. It’s a family of sorts, and I joined this family two years ago. Back then I was quite scared of Accounts. But one month in, it became my favourite subject. And the secret to this was not a magic book. It was our very own Professor and the Head of LPCA, Sir Rajesh Khanna. He is a teacher who is not only excellent at teaching accounts and economics but he also creates the urge amongst his students to do better and improve their performance. He is a perfect amalgamation of being strict as well as funny. LPCA rocks! And I believe it is the perfect place for all commerce students.

Warm Regards….

Mehak-results15-lpcaMehak Gautam
Amity, Sector – 43
Scored 95 in Economics and 95 in Accounts

Rajesh Sir is a brilliant teacher! And it’s solely because of him why I could score 95 in both eco and accounts. He’s very funny and teaches each and every concept in a very unique and humorous manner. He can get really very strict if required. Also, the recording system is just great! That way you can never miss an important class and go through it endless number of times
All in all, he’s the best teacher for accounts and economics!

nopic-results15-lpcaVikrant Mehra
Scored 95 in Economics and 95 in Accounts

Mr. Rajesh Khanna is exceptional and an ideal tutor for anyone. He creates a very strong interest in the subject which results in the subject being enjoyed for its own sake. His boundless energy, strong connect with his students and firm handling of over anxious parents, ensured our son improved his grades immensely. Our profound appreciation to him.
It is impossible to condense one year’s worth of classes into a few words and do justice. However, the heart and soul behind these classes is without any doubt Rajesh Sir. As soon as you enter his class, you can experience his infectious enthusiasm for the subjects he teaches and teaching in itself. Thank you Rajesh sir for ensuring we lived up to our potential.

Mohit Mehra, father of Vikrant Mehra.

nikhil-results15-lpcaNikhil Whig
K.R.Manglam School
Scored 94 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

In class 11th I used to be average in accounts and good in eco but scoring not more than 80-85 percent. After joining LPCA Gurgaon, I feel that this has truly changed as I have been rigorously trained for both the subjects And made to give mock after mock. This, I feel has made a big difference as I scored 95 in eco and 94 in accounts which I never expected. The test series was helpful, and through the continuous guidance of Rajesh sir, I was able to score in the boards, as it was like giving the test series, and was able to crack the twists in the questions.

sankalp-results15-lpcaSankalp Vohra
Scored 95 in Accounts and 87 in Economics

I think I have been very fortunate to have an amazing teacher like Rajesh Sir to whom I completely owe my performance in the boards. Rajesh Sir is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had in my life. His adeptness in the subjects he teaches is clearly reflected not only in the fun-filled classes taken by his students but also in the results they get. His teaching style is like no other for his skill can be seen in the fact that each of his students thoroughly understand and absorb the chapters/lessons taught which make them not only prepared for the examinations but also for the application of the subjects in real life. He has a very student-friendly way of teaching as he teaches the most trickiest and difficult of topics in a way that students learn them very easily and remember them for life. He has the rare combination of being respected, feared and loved at the same time by the students as he is merciless when it comes to regularity which helps in instilling the values of discipline and continued hard-work in students. He very well knows when to be lenient with a student and when to be strict so as to maximize the students result from their given potential. He also ensures that the students never have a tedious time in class by making the environment lively and fun. There is no doubt that I have learnt a lot from sir and that there cannot be a more fulfilling and enriching place for any student to learn other than Rajesh Sir’s LPCA.

yoshita-results15-lpcaYoshita Bajaj
DPS Sector 45 Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

Rajesh Khanna (sir)- as the name suggests, He is super filmy, and so is his style of teaching. Rajesh sir teaches in such a way, that you can never forget. Ever. In fact, you can literally replicate his teaching to someone else because he explains things in a way that you can relate to, using songs, film dialogues, and what not! I studied with sir only for 6 months, and those were the 6 months of my transformation, especially in accountancy. From 42/80, sir helped me score 67/80 in just two months, and finally the 94/100 in my boards. He is an excellent teacher. Anything said about Rajesh sir will be less, he is that great! He made me love accountancy, where I was once scared of it. He made economics like a story. His attitude, his confidence in me made me WANT to score, to study and to do really well in life. His jokes, his discipline, his way of explaining, everything about sir makes him the best teacher ever. Sir has a solution for everything. I can never thank him enough. Sir, grand salute to you!

rohit-results15-lpcaRohit Ramanan
DPS 45 – Gurgaon – CBSE Board
Scored 95 in Economics

At LPCA and especially under Rajesh sir I was able to identify the tiny but vital errors which were posing to be a barrier to my scoring well. I ended up with a 95 in my board exams, and to be honest, wish that I joined Rajesh sir earlier and not just for his test series, which helped me challenge myself on a regular basis. If I had, I have no doubt that 95 would have been a century!

kashish-results15-lpcaKashish Goel
D.A.V Public School, Sector 14, Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

Teacher is a person who always helps everybody to get knowledge and stands beside the students when the have problems and Rajesh sir is the best example. I just gave his test series and he still helped me in clearing my certain concepts… His eco tests helped me to know how to frame the answers required for board exam and his accounts test helped me to open up my mind and think beyond the book… Really thank you sir.

pranshi-results15-lpcaPranshi Pant
AMITY Sector 43 Gurgaon
Scored 90 in Accounts

There are no words that describe how grateful i am to you Rajesh Sir. Even though i joined late you were able to make me realise my potential and even after my below average marks in all your tests you are the only one who gets the credit for the marks that i have got in my boards so all that I can say is Thank You for making me stand up to my potential.

sonika-results15-lpcaSonika Trehon
Amity School Saket
Scored 89 in Accounts and 88 in Economics

My 8 months at LPCA have been a great and worthwhile experience. I had so much fun learning at LPCA under the guidance of Rajesh Sir… Your lessons, teaching methods and concepts were so insightful and interactive. Also thank you so much for being patient with me and helping me improve . Teachers like you are rare to find and I am eternally grateful for all that you have taught me.

DPS Gurgaon
Scored 91 in Economics

It’s been a delight to be associated with an institute and a teacher who not only helps you understand the basics better, but also polishes every aspect of your understanding of the subject to a level where you are confident about facing the board exams. Thank you LPCA!

kaushiki-results15-lpcaKaushiki Khanijo
DPS Sec45, Gurgaon
Scored 83 in Accounts

Rajesh sir is the best teacher whom I have studied so far. His interactive ways of teaching helped all of us to retain the concepts very well till the last moment. I was a very average student and it’s because of him I have been able to score above 80 in my boards. His classes are never dull and I use to look forward to attend them. He has such a positive approach towards life which helps to keep our morale boosted all round the year. Rajesh sir for me has not been a teacher but like father figure to me. I just want to give all my credits for scoring well in boards to him. I would highly recommend every student of Gurgaon who needs accountancy tuitions, to join sir.

smriti-results15-lpcaSmiti Grover
DPS R K Puram
Scored 95 in Economics

” Economics is my favourite subject and the one in which I intend to pursue further studies. I joined LPCA at the fag end of class 12 for the test series and I’m glad that I did so. The test series not only gave me an insight on how questions can be framed in the exam but also gave me the confidence to attempt the paper. The way Rajesh sir conducts his classes is utterly professional and a great learning experience for students. Sir sets a high standard which gives us a target to reach. Thanks you sir for all your efforts! “

DPS Sec 45
Scored 95 in Economics


Summer Field Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

“Respected all, I, Mohit Malik took tutor classes from Rajesh Khanna Sir in Accountancy & Eco & Khanna Sir transformed my ordinary skill into brilliance in just one year & I got 95 % each in both subjects, Khanna sir is brilliant, par excellent, beyond compare & his attitude towards his students was more than parental & for these qualities my parents put / handed over my younger brother Mayank & my cousin Vipul under his guidance / watch.
I request & plead all aspiring parents / students seeking excellent / top results in above mentioned subjects then don’t get delayed rush to join him to take his excellent guidance.
I request & pray Rajesh Khanna sir to maintain the same level of teaching & thank you very-very- very much for transforming my average skill of knowledge / learning into brilliance.
Thanks again sir.

Heritage Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 95 in Economics


AMITY, Sec. 46 Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 94 in Economics


Sanskriti School Gurgaon
Scored 94 in Accounts and 90 in Economics


DPS Sec. 45 Gurgaon
Scored 94 in Accounts and 92 in Economics


DPS Sec. 45 Gurgaon
Scored 94 in Accounts and 89 in Economics


DPS S Lok Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Accounts and 88 in Economics


nopic-results15-lpcaVamika Razdan
DPS Sec45 Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Economics


DPS S Lok Gurgaon
Scored 95 in Economics


AMITY Sec. 43 Gurgaon
Scored 93 in Accounts and 93 in Economics

“Rajesh sir has been a guide and a friend throughout the year and I have learnt a lot from him. It was only because of him that I developed interest in Economics and Accounts and worked according to him. I cannot thank him enough for being strict whenever it was needed because that is what helped me in scoring 93 in both the subjects. He is the best teacher and the way he cleared my concepts was brilliant. I enjoyed studying at LPCA and I’m grateful for being a student there and having him as my teacher.

AMITY Sec.43 Gurgaon
Scored 91 in Accounts and 92 in Economics


DPS Sec 45 Gurgaon
Scored 85 in Accounts and 95 in Economics

“Rajesh sir is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from in 12th grade. In class utmost importance is given to the fact that the concepts are well understood by the students.
Punctuality and hard-work are the two most important things that sir teaches all his students. Sir also records the classroom classes which prove beneficial whenever a student wants to refer to them at a later stage. The study material given by sir is extremely helpful and it reduces the effort of referring to other books all the time. Although the tests are a little hard, they are an accurate measure of how much has been understood in class and require you to use all the knowledge that you have. Sir is strict yet kind hearted at the same time, and once you have learnt from him you would not want to learn from anyone else.
Thank you sir for all that you do for your students.

AMITY Sec. 47 Gurgaon
Scored 91 in Economics


Scored 90 in Accounts and 89 in Economics